Zukunft Bahnhof Nord

The project

Zukunft Bahnhof Nord” (Bahnhof Nord: the future) is intended to get the planned expansion of the municipality of Regensdorf onto the right track, guaranteeing a diverse population structure for the future and lending Regensdorf a little metropolitan flair: a more closely concentrated residential district is to be built on a 20-hectare industrial brownfield site.

The challenge

As completion of this construction project will require partial revision of building and zoning regulations, informing local residents about the planned building work is vital – especially for those who will be voting on it. Facts, figures and blueprints have to be communicated in a way that is easy to take in while addressing the needs and concerns of the various stakeholders (the local authorities, interest groups representing private property-holders, local residents etc.).

The solution

We worked with representatives of the local authority and private property-holders to develop a communications concept that arranged the mass of information into small, easily digestible chunks. The name chosen, “Zukunft Bahnhof Nord” (Bahnhof North: the future), gives a clear indication of the aims of the project. We developed a logo and word mark to match a trimmed-down brand identity and appearance, and there is an information-packed website with all the plans, facts, and forecasts. A lively animation on the start page explains the project in 150 seconds and there are posters advertising a public exhibition – which we also designed and created – in Regensdorf town hall. As they stroll through the exhibits, visitors will get a tangible idea of the spatial dimensions of the project and thus be able to arrive at an informed opinion.