K-Design Award 2017 (Silver Winner)

The Company is a multi-functional online platform created by the Environmental Protection Administration of Taiwan, which integrates a variety of recycling services and is committed to reducing waste to as close to zero as possible. offers a new, comprehensive resource recycling solution for private firms and an improved version of its already convenient recycling service for private households. It has just launched in Taiwan with an online platform and an offline store, and is preparing to launch in the mainland China market soon.

The Challenge

While Taiwan, with a 55% recycling rate, is already one of the world’s champions of recycling, people still seem to think of performing the actual task of sorting their rubbish as, well, a chore.

The island’s Environmental Protection Administration was a pioneer when it gradually introduced a system of forcing people to pay for disposing of bags of waste, effectively a financial punishment for not recycling, and is at it once again, creating not only to encourage citizens to recycle even more, but also to try to make recycling fun.

To achieve its aim, the EPA selected a digital platform in light of the rising trend of the Internet of Things. With its ambitious goal of changing recycling’s reputation of being a boring chore, the brand needed to communicate convenience, friendliness and to evoke interest.

The Solution

Composed of two distinct shades of green and a smile-like curve,’s logo is simple and personal, bringing a smile to customers’ faces. In order to strengthen the brand’s character, we founded our design on the four traits “interesting”, “flexible”, “comprehensive” and “friendly”. A wide variety of implementations will help customers understand this new brand and ecourage them to join forces for a good cause.