What is WeChat?

The name sounds simple enough: it could just be a software for sending text messages instantly, such as WhatsApp. However, WeChat is much, much more. In addition to a chat feature, voice messaging and video messaging, the smartphone app, which is popular throughout Asia, is also a social media platform, a communications channel for brands, a payment service as well as being an easily-integrated plug-in into other apps.

It’s as if someone had blended WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Skype/Facetime and Google Wallet/Apple Pay into one, then added even more features for good measure. The app came to life in 2011, developed by the Chinese firm Tencent Holding. Today, WeChat boasts over one billion users—that is more than two-thirds of the country’s population. Indeed, on any given day, over 768 million people in China use the app.

The New York Times’ video below gives a good overview of WeChat’s capabilities. The critique expressed at the end of the video can be taken with a pinch of salt—as pointed out beneath the video in the comments section of the New York Times already.

Why WeChat?

In China, a brand’s WeChat account is set to outstrip a brand’s website in terms of its importance to potential customers. Smartphones are widely used in China and often, they are replacing personal computers in the home. Chinese users value that navigating a site within WeChat is always the same, while finding something on a traditional website must be learned anew for each site.

Your brand on WeChat?

What look should your account have? Do you know your target market’s interests? How can you run your account? Our local teams keep up-to-date with the latest trends and as we describe in the examples below, are already experienced with WeChat accounts for bigger and smaller companies in China.

We can help you with:

  • Consulting and strategy for WeChat and social media in China
  • Designing and creating your WeChat account
  • Daily content push
  • Developing in HTML5
  • Planning and carrying out marketing campaigns
  • Setting a strategy for online-to-offline conversion
  • Micro design for your online shop
  • User interface design for CRM systems
  • Analysis and reporting of your company’s WeChat account

When shall we get started?

Feel free to get in touch with us and discuss how Process can help you make your mark on WeChat.


Renowned worldwide, Swiss industrial engineering and manufacturing giant Sulzer asked us to expand their existing WeChat platform based on the firm’s global brand guidelines. As an industry leader in China, Sulzer aims to provide valuable content to a focused and demanding client group. We not only helped the firm expand its brand footprint in China by harmonising images and content, but also improved the Sulzer WeChat channel’s usability and efficiency.


After AEG’s rebranding and in what was a unique opportunity for the firm to make a lasting and positive first impression in the country, the new brand was launched in China via a series of events in 2016. AEG asked us to create a tailor-made WeChat profile for them. In collaboration, we came up with appropriate categories and channels for the firm, which specializes in innovative home appliances that bring superior form and function to the owner’s daily life. Attendees who signed up to AEG’s WeChat account received a gift at various events such as the opening of AEG’s new flagship shop in Shanghai or cooking events with top chefs throughout the country. In addition to communicating with customers directly by posting about AEG news, product launches or events, the WeChat profile enables sales staff to discuss detailed product information with clients in the WeChat app.

iF Design Award

The international iF Design Award, among the most prestigious and largest design competitions in the world, opened their Shenzhen office in 2016 and promptly set about making a name for themselves. One of iF’s first steps was a WeChat account they asked us to conceive and create for them. We worked closely with iF not only on the initial design but continue to collaborate with them regularly on content. For example, iF uses WeChat to publish a weekly article on design-related topics, announce upcoming events or introduce an iF award recipient in detail. As the 2017 iF award ceremony was being held in Munich, Germany, the Golden iF award winners were being announced at the same time on WeChat in China.