The company

VonSalis’ customers are spoilt for choice: the Graubünden wine merchants stock 2,300 wines from a great variety of wine brands sourced from all over the world. Their range also includes home-grown vintages produced from grapes cultivated in the traditional “Bündner Herrschaft” region.

The challenge

As vonSalis operates as both a wine merchant and a producer under the same name, its positioning within the company and on the market was unclear. The aim of the rebranding process was to bring clarity to the company’s communications: for both to achieve their full potential, it was essential to differentiate between communications sources – it had to be clear whether it was the wine merchant or the vintner (with his own wines) speaking. We also carried this idea across into the design concept.

The solution

Our first step was to rework the wine merchant’s brand profile. Depending on the circumstances, its dynamic logo can function as a symbol or as a flexible stage on which stories, products and messages relating to every aspect of wine can be portrayed. This creates a living identity that is entirely within the spirit of the new brand. VonSalis is presented as a pioneer, a partner and an expert companion, opening up a world of wine and providing down-to-earth guidance, and so the slogan is also: “placing wine centre stage”.


The new brand exudes joie-de vivre in a celebration of pleasure and sensuality; the illustrations by Japanese artist Satoshi Hashimoto underscore these positive associations while visualising the firm’s newly defined values and making them tangible to staff and customers.

Digital presence

We have also fundamentally reimagined the website and online shop: not only does it now function as an agreeable shopping portal that provides an easily navigable source of information about wine in all its forms, its slick search function makes it possible to filter inquiries by criteria such as your own tastes (you can search for ‘elegant’, ‘robust’, ‘powerful’ etc).