VonSalis – Wines

The company

In addition to the range of brands they stock, the Graubünden wine merchants vonSalis also sell their own wines, which are produced exclusively from grapes cultivated in the “Bündner Herrschaft” region. After a rebranding of the wine merchants and the initial launch of two easy-drinking summer wines, we were also commissioned to design wine bottle labels and packaging for vonSalis’ entire wine range.

The challenge

VonSalis’ own brand features red and white wines from several different areas in Graubünden and in a variety of price segments. These were to be sorted into systematised categories that were also to feature in the label design. The origins of the wines also had to be clearly apparent from the design.

The solution

We took our inspiration from the Bündner Herrschaft region, where, on both historic and newer buildings in Maienfeld, Jenins, Malans and Zizers, we were struck by the façade decorations that are characteristic of the area; these are known as sgraffiti and have long been a part of the local architectural vernacular. The designs, which adorn doorways, windows and gables, are often kept abstract, e.g. in the form of bands of triangular patterns or circular ornamentation. We selected a memorable sgraffito motif for each wine area and used these as a distinctive base element for the label design. Associating the individual wine varieties and price categories with variations on these designs thus gives rise to simple but authentic graphical compositions – ensuring that the vonSalis wine range retains an overall internal coherence although each bottle is unique.

We’re not the only ones pleased with the newly-designed bottles: our private buyers as well as our restaurant and hotel buyers are impressed, too. Process managed not only to systematically sort our wine offering but also to clearly communicate the terroir of our grapes in an unconventional way. The labels are now authentic and inspiring, which rounds out the overall sensory experience. To us, a very successful design indeed.

Daniel Hürbi, General Manager, vonSalis AG