VonSalis – Simply Fine Wine

The company

After a successful rebranding of the Graubünden wine merchants and producers vonSalis, we have also developed names and product identities for two new summer wines. «Wein Einfach Fein» (“Simply Fine Wine”) and «Wein Einfach Offen» (“Simply Open Wine”) are the first vonSalis wines to hit the market since the relaunch, and both of these Graubünden Pinot noirs are to be released as limited editions for summer 2016. The grapes used have been sourced from more than 80 wine-growers in Fläsch, Maienfeld, Jenins, Malans, Zizers and Trimmis.

The challenge

These are modern, innovative and unsophisticated summer wines for a youthful target demographic, and the first that the wine producer vonSalis has brought to market under its new corporate identity. They should exemplify the new branding while being tailored to the target audience.

The solution

The product identities and names developed by Process are as clean and modern as the wines: «Wein Einfach Fein» for the slightly more complex and refined cuvée, and «Wein Einfach Offen» for the on-trend house wine. The playful typography, incorporating a range of different fonts, symbolises the blend of grapes, while the stripes represent the layers of soil in which the vines grow. The wine labels featuring the primary colours of red and black are thus also unpretentious, bold and striking, and are sure to catch the eye on any shelf or table.