iF Home Style Award

The company

Thermos, founded in 1904, is the leading manufacturer worldwide of insulated food and beverage containers, children’s lunch kits and other innovative consumer products. Thermos has about 30% of market share in its industry and a strong global brand. Currently, Thermos has more than 21 manufacturers and sales offices all over the world, and distributes their products in more than 140 countries. In China, they run over 300 franchise retail stores and are deeply embedded in the market.


The challenge

Thermos came to China in 1995. Today, it is a well-known household brand. In order to keep its edge in the competitive Chinese market, Thermos sought to re-brand itself and establish a consistent brand identity, while taking into consideration recent local trends. Thermos also sought to establish a positive image, an even better reputation, and increase brand awareness in the Chinese market even more through engaging the general public.

The solution

We collaborated with Thermos on their re-branding, on creating a suitable shop image as well as store displays, and shelf displays. The overall result is a notably increased consistency in the way the brand “Thermos” is presented to potential customers in China.

After the rebranding, we launched the “Snow Leopard Bottle” series, a unique initiative with a tri-fold goal: to encourage people to think of the environment when making consumer decisions, to use fewer plastic bottles, and to increase awareness of the need to protect endangered species such as snow leopards, within our community. We started a collaboration between the World Wide Fund For Nature (WWF) and Thermos in creating the “Snow Leopard Bottle” series. We also developed a roadshow and other marketing activities.

Thermos got in touch with one of China’s online selling communities,, and launched a crowd funding project, which achieved 496% of their sales target. The “Snow Leopard Bottle” series also won the iF Home Style Award and has been Thermos’ best-selling product in China so far. Thermos’ brand image has received a great boost from all the attention. It was the excellent collaboration between all participating teams that helped Thermos outperform in one of the world’s most competitive markets: China.