Tendcare Medical

The company

Tendcare Medical owns six hospitals and around 20 healthcare facilities in China. Its aim is to reposition the hospitals and run them as for-profit organisations while continuing to acquire further hospitals in China with a view to becoming the country’s leading healthcare group and medical service provider.

The challenge

As China gradually opens up its markets, its hospitals are starting to face fierce competition: local and international hospitals with a strong brand have a great impact on traditionally run hospitals. Hospitals have realised that a brand is the tool they need to realise their strategies.

The solution

For Tendcare Medical the case is clear: when faced with the choice between a branded hospital service and a provider with no profile, patients are more likely to select a familiar face. A brand identity is thus a positive recognition factor, a promise. We worked closely with Tendcare Medical to refine the brand structure as well as the group’s Chinese and English names. Their franchise hospitals follow standard operating procedures and use a corporate identity system. This enhances professionalism, appeal and image of the brand – ultimately winning the trust of patients and strengthening brand loyalty. With its brand identity optimised and applied consistently to all means of communication including signage and imagery, Tendcare Medical is set for success.