The Company

Based in Hong Kong, Soizzi (rhymes with) is a fashion manufacturer that so far has only sold to retailers. The firm has made a name for itself with their great cuts for basics such as t-shirts and jeans, and their designs are very popular with well-known high street brands, who know that Soizzi-made clothes.

The Challenge

The firm does not wish to rest on its laurels and is keen to keep pushing the envelope. Soizzi wanted to address two of the latest trends in fashion retail: consumers are buying more often online than in-store and also have higher expectations of the clothes they buy. Today’s Soizzi end customer wants fashion tailored to his or her unique personality. To that end, Soizzi has decided to reach out directly to customers and as part of a strategic shift and rebranding, offer an online shop where people can buy directly from them, the manufacturer.

The web shop offers a dizzying array of graphics to print on a wide choice of colours and fabrics, but is unique in that it also allows customers to upload their own designs, which are then printed onto the clothing item of their choice. What is more, these individual designs are dispached to the customer in only four days. The new Soizzi web shop lets anyone create fashion, conveniently.

The Solution

As part of Soizzi’s rebranding, we re-designed the firm’s logo. By using varying line weights, the logo now clearly embodies the easy, breezy feeling the company wishes to convey to its consumers. In addition, the letter “i” in the logo is presented both right side up and upside down as “i” and “!”, making the impression of creativity (a small “i” instead of a capital “I”) and energy (exclamation mark). In terms of supporting graphics on advertising, the concept of “tailoring” is applied to offer the perfect layout arrangement for logo and slogan, which precisely delivers the brand’s personality. We are sure this logo will be noticed by fashion consumers and Soizzi will be on everyone’s lips soon.