The company

Seewant firmly believe in the ideal of providing the finest coffee. It differentiates itself from other coffeehouse chains through its simple menu options, allowing much faster service for customers. Their motto “You see what you want” is borne out by the menu and the services on offer: fresh coffee, light meals, cleanliness and a cosy atmosphere combine to ensure high customer satisfaction.

The challenge

Seewant has recently opened up a coffee house in Shanghai. After a few years in the business, they realised the importance of branding and approached us for help in improving their brand design. They wished to make it more consistent and coherent to convey Seewant’s concept of “freshness and best quality service” as clearly as possible.

The solution

Seewant is pronounced the same as “hope” in Chinese and it is also the name of the couple that runs the company; it stands for their belief in the positivity of life. We have overhauled their current logo, colours and design vocabulary and tightened up their detailing, with a cheerful star in fashionable red as the focus of the branding system.

We are always delighted to work with start-up entrepreneurs and are thrilled to be able to assist a growing company like Seewant.