Schuler St. Jakobskellerei


Golden Pin 2015 (Winner)


The company

Schuler is a Swiss wine dealer with wineries in Switzerland and Italy. The company’s origins can be traced back to the late 17th century, making Schuler one of the oldest brands in the wine business.

The challenge

In 2012, the company decided to take its first steps towards the Chinese market, as wine-drinking is gaining in popularity in Asia and a wine culture is developing there that is closely modelled on that in Europe and America. This was clearly the right time to be supplying the Asian market with high-quality wine and we provided Schuler with support through this phase as well as contributing naming and rebranding advice.

The solution

We took unique requirements of the Chinese market and the company’s positioning in China into consideration as we fine-tuned Schuler’s market presence. A touch of luxury and a hint of cosmopolitanism have equipped this historic brand to take on the Chinese wine market.