Rappold Köhli


Corporate Design Preis 2013 (Nominee), Red Dot Award 2013 (Winner), German Design Award 2015 (Winner)


The company

Rappold Köhli is a recently founded specialist law firm in Zurich. The two partners are part of a generation of attorneys whose motivation, attitudes and understanding of what a lawyer needs to be have moved on from hide-bound, traditional models – they see themselves as the first “Next Generation Law Firm” in Switzerland.

The challenge

Taking the clear values and precepts of the two lawyers as a starting point, we developed the company’s branding strategy and positioning, and this provided the basis for the slogan.

The solution

The slogan “We provide the framework, and put you in the center” is at the heart of the company’s content and visual communications. The lawyers’ distinctive corporate identity clearly sets a new tone, differentiating it from the competition and breaking new visual ground.

…the Red Dot Award acknowledges exceptional creativity that sets the bar for excellence in design …

Prof. Dr. Peter Zec, Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen

A successful image and one that allows the lawyers to stand out clearly from rivals.

Lukas Cottrell, Christian Rummel, Prof. Markus Weisbeck, members of the jury, German Design Award