The Company

PHYCOS International Co., Ltd., established by Mr. Paul S. P. Hsu in 2004, focuses on leveraging knowledge value chain including research and development, intellectual property, technology transfer and licensing, introduction of venture capital and capital markets, start-ups, and business sustainability. Via the cross-border networking among industry, government, academy and research institutes, PHYCOS accelerates its clients to realize their potential to the maximum .

The Challenge

In order to further introduce PHYCOS’ value proposition, PHYCOS turns to Process to boost a new brand design as well as its brand strategy.

The Solution

Process translated PHYCOS’ professionalism and identity into its brand. PHYCOS’ new brand design elements were implemented not only on its stationery and publications but also in the interior design of its offices. PHYCOS’ brand is the embodiment of the firm’s values.