The challenge

Foodstuffs are a core part of Migros’ business, so every aspect of the processing and enjoyment of such products – recipes, cooking, eating and taking pleasure in food – is strategically relevant for the company. And yet Migros has never had a uniform strategy for communicating these topics to the outside world. The Saisonküche (“Seasonal Cuisine”) magazine and its website (saison.ch) had established itself as a major channel for foodie culture for Migros, however now the company’s entire palette of cooking-related services is to be bundled under a new brand with the aim of embedding this within the Swiss market. Saisonküche will thus be discontinued and replaced by the new Migusto brand. A brand that has to address the highly diverse – and situational – needs and motivations associated with cooking.

The solution

The Migusto motto is “cooking is simply fun”. We wanted Migusto to awaken, restore or intensify a love of cooking among the various target demographics, and its accessible, modern and yet playful style echoes the Migros feeling its customers know and love. The brand evokes how home cooking really is in most homes – spontaneous and uncomplicated.

The interactive cooking platform is at the heart of the initiative, collating all the content and tools and making them freely available to everyone. These include a large recipe database, practical shopping tips, informative nutritional and seasonal produce tables, weekly menu planners, trend blogs, how-to videos and much more besides. Migros adds functional and emotional value every step of the way – from recipe idea through shopping and the final creation in the kitchen to presentation and the enjoyment of eating the dishes you have made.

Logo and brand elements

The logo is inspired by the fluids used in cooking, such as water and oil. Its bold shape works in a number of different contexts and is easy to integrate into any communications channel or application. The subtle but lively design suggests fun and enjoyment in cooking, while the vivid brand elements and authentic visuals exude spontaneity and credibility. The colour palette takes its cue from fresh ingredients.


The pictograms developed specially for the cooking platform convey the Migusto experience even when space is at a premium: they all communicate the tagline “cooking is simply fun” and feature on the web, in the magazine, in videos and at the point of sale; they can also be animated. The pictograms are compact and logically structured, and their messages can be understood immediately; humour has also been woven into the images wherever possible.


Illustrations are a good way of representing more complex content simply and clearly. What’s more, they often articulate the personality and visual identity of a brand more forcefully than photographs and can be a useful tool for making an organisation stand out from the crowd. Our Senior Designer Lucia Pigliapochi’s illustrations suit Migusto down to the ground; they are refreshing and logical, generating sympathy while retaining their own individual personality.



The company

Migros is Switzerland’s largest retailer. The company’s cooperative model, regional ties and commitment to social, economic and environmental sustainability lie at the heart of its identity. Migros employs almost 86,100 staff in Switzerland and over 100,300 worldwide.