The challenge

Migros’ goal is to improve public health in Switzerland and the company has spent years building up a broad portfolio of services in all the relevant sectors: activity (the Sportxx retail chain, FitnessPark gyms, Club School…), nutrition (Migros supermarkets, Migros restaurants…), relaxation (Club School, the Park im Grünen leisure park…) and medicine (medbase, santémed). So health is not just a bandwagon that Migros is jumping on – promoting public health is already at the heart of the cooperative’s statutes. Now the company’s wide but fragmented range of health products and services needs to be bundled together and showcased.


The solution

The strategy we have developed aims to position plausibly and sustainably the health offering of Migros and its sub-brands in relevant business segments. This is being carried out under the aegis of a marketing bracket dubbed iMpuls that gives the healthy living portfolio a clear structure and identity. Health products and services are connected and made more accessible, with greater emphasis placed on clearly identifiable health-related topics in the firm’s communications. iMpulst helps consumers orientate themselves and supports cross-selling while at the same time ensuring that Migros’ various brands are not perceived as competing with one another.

Process has helped us to understand that what we need is not an independent brand, but a wider, overarching solution; a bracket that links individual business segments together around a common theme, rather than robbing them of their competencies. A fresh, third-party perspective was really important in enabling us to arrive at this conclusion.

Lara Rohrer, Project Leader Health Communications, Migros

The brand and brand portfolio strategy is also influencing organisational structures within Migros – a new health working group has been convened, to further promote health topics inside Migros. iMpuls is all about firing people’s enthusiasm for healthy living and regularly encouraging them to adopt healthier habits. An online platform is the centrepiece of the initiative. It bundles all these health-related products and services – allowing Migros to make good health more accessible and affordable for the whole of Switzerland.

The healthy living initiative will be supported with a range of communications drives and campaigns.

The company

Migros is Switzerland’s largest retailer. The company’s cooperative model, regional ties and commitment to social, economic and environmental sustainability lie at the heart of its identity. Migros employs almost 86,100 staff in Switzerland and over 100,300 worldwide.