The company

The renowned jeweller and artist Beat C. Messerer’s exclusive collections are designed and created in the heart of Zurich, a stone’s throw from the Fraumünster and the various guildhalls. Every item of this top-quality jewellery is painstakingly created by hand, piece by piece, in an exceptional display of the jeweller’s art.

The challenge

Messerer has created a ring system as a memento of cherished moments in your life. A rotating mechanism allows you to give the ring a special new meaning time and time again, and the symbolism is always up to the wearer – day after day.

The solution

To launch the ring, we designed and produced a product flyer and a film, each entitled “A moment to behold”. These both introduced the ring and highlighted the craftsmanship of the goldsmith in the person of Beat C. Messerer. A dash of poetry and a hint of nostalgia provide the finishing touch.