The company

Maxim Label and Packaging provides one-stop service for retailers & major brands to source great quality garment accessories at competitive prices. Maxim provides various solution e.g. hang tags, price tickets, card labels, adhesives, heat-transfers, RFID, and packaging. Maxim is now expanding to 14 locations in 11 countries, with more than 2000 employees.

The challenge

However, though good business, Maxim has relatively low brand awareness due to the lack of exposure in the global market. To improve this situation, Maxim Group decided to rebuild the brand, turning into a more international image, rather than a supplier with an Asian-looking style.

The Solution

When building design identity, Process uses the men’s suit and tie, naturally connecting to Maxim’s core business. Such a unique dynamic element not only visually separate it from competitors, but also echoes to the industry element. For brand imagery, we choose black and white photographs adorned with pink color. The combination shows the profession and enthusiasm.

By means of brand optimization, a consistent and systematic brand identity is built for Maxim, making a important progress for internationalization.