Marché Mövenpick

The setting

Marché International runs three restaurants at Leipzig Zoo. The architecture and decor – and, to a certain extent, even the choice of dishes on offer – are based on the themed areas in the immediate vicinity of the restaurants: there is the African Kiwara Lodge, Patakan, an Asiatic restaurant, and the colonial-style “Palmensaal” (Palm Lounge).

The challenge

The client’s brief stated that the three restaurants should have their own distinctive appearance and be clearly distinguishable from one another, not only on a culinary and thematic level but also visually and in their livery. The positive associations of the Marché Mövenpick brand should also remain clearly identifiable, not least as the infrastructure currently supplied by Marché could not be entirely replaced. In addition, the solution required should be transferable to other, similar venues.

The solution

We used a co-branding strategy that defined where and how each brand was to be deployed in each area of the restaurant; as a general rule, the custom design elements were assigned to the outside areas, with the Marché Mövenpick elements featuring in the interior spaces. The Marché Mövenpick logo with its signature line served as a basis for the branding of the new restaurants. Each of the three visual identities features a simple formal element that functions both as a line and as a pattern. This strategy is sufficiently flexible and universal that it can also be used in other Marché International co-branding situations.