Marché Mövenpick


IF Design Award 2015, German Design Award 2016 (Special), German Brand Award 2016 (Gold), Red Dot Award 2016


The company

Founded in 1948 by Ueli Prager, a Swiss citizen, the Mövenpick group now employs some 13,600 staff around the world. Marché International is one of four independent corporate divisions, with restaurants located at motorway service stations, airports and in town centres. The brand stands for healthy eating and market-fresh food.

The challenge

Marché is coming back to town – with new culinary creations, its own brand communications and a stand-alone corporate identity, all aimed at an urban target demographic that complements its established locations at service stations and airports.

Analysis and strategy

The Swiss restaurant chain has been working with Process to develop the positioning of its Marché Mövenpick gastronomy concept (see interview in online magazine) and this involved enhancing existing Marché values with attributes from the Mövenpick corporate philosophy. The new brand is all about enjoyment and sophistication. The first Marché Mövenpick restaurant opened in Zurich in October 2013 and more locations on the Zurich model are planned in Singapore, San Francisco, Hanover and other cities around the globe.

Concept and creation

The new corporate identity features the Marché Mövenpick logo and typography, with hand-drawn illustrations by the Swedish artist Klas Herbert; you’ll see these simple black line drawings wherever you look – from the menu boards and packaging to the table menus and coffee cups.

The clarity and simplicity of the new visual identity make it stand out, and playful elements, such as Klas Herbert’s illustrations, highlight the company’s “hand-made” values. The corporate design is an extremely apposite expression of Marché Mövenpick’s brand strategy.

Carolin Versteeg, Chief Marketing Officer, Marché International

The brand strategy of Marché Mövenpick is successfully communicated through a clear and consistent design language. It is impressively applied to all marketing materials – such as menu and packaging.

Brain Magazine, Taiwan

Marketing communications

We have designed and created a range of marketing initiatives, from sales to image communications.

A modern gastro-concept with its pure form brand design express simplicity and a rural way of life, thereby in keeping with the current urban trend.

Jury of the German Design Award


The take-away products also communicate the new brand. We worked up a simple, flexible and easily applicable packaging concept and have already created a multitude of packaging options based on it.


Marché Mövenpick restaurants come in a range of sizes: as a large “market place” with a wide variety of different market stalls, a small “market place”, and an individual market stall selling themed products (sandwiches, pizzas, etc); all of these venues feature large hanging menu boards. In outlets with an exceptional food range, individual counters will have their own specific character – like the Seafood and Oyster counter at the Suntec City restaurant in Singapore, for example.


We have developed a series of pictograms (there are now more than 40), which are used in conjunction with simple arrows to create a clear and coherent signage system that helps visitors find their way about, especially in larger outlets such as the Suntec City restaurant in Singapore, which is more than 1,000 m2 in size. The dotted lines featured in the brand design are picked up as a recurring element in the stripped-back style of the pictograms.