Leading Swiss Agencies (LSA)

The association

Switzerland’s foremost communications agencies are represented at Leading Swiss Agencies (LSA), an association that has become a byword for the quality and excellence of its members’ services. The association represents the interests of its ca. 75 members vis-à-vis clients, the media, the public and various authorities.

The challenge

The communications sector is undergoing radical change. In order to provide the very best support, contacts and representation for its member agencies, even in such fluid circumstances, the association must shake off its dusty advertising image, rethink the services it offers and redefine itself as a proactive and attractive hub for all leading agencies on the Swiss communications map. This realignment would be inspired by the LSA’s signature claim to be a “leading” organisation and by an ambition to achieve “more profile, more focus, more dialogue”.

The solution

We started by helping LSA explore what it actually means to be a “leading” Swiss communications association/agency. The result is a challenging positioning, as forward-facing as it is passionate, in which competence and quality, joy and authenticity – as well as relevance, foresight and commitment – all play a key role.

Having defined these core characteristics, we set about integrating them into the association’s existing visual identity, which we expanded accordingly. Its striking new design elements include both the inviting, vivid and self-confident vibrancy of LSA’s colour palette and a parallel-line motif used in the headline font and pictogram-style illustrations. The parallel lines symbolise dialogue-based cooperation between the association and its members, as well as between agencies and their clients and staff.