Klinik Lengg

The company

Klinik Lengg AG is a joint venture run by the Swiss Epilepsy Association and the Zürcher Höhenkliniken Alpine clinic association. It combines all the services previously offered at the EPI Clinic and the neurological rehabilitation department at the Höhenklinik Wald Alpine clinic, creating a new centre of excellence for neurology in the city of Zurich.

The challenge

The two foundations have built an extension in the grounds of the EPI Clinic to house a rehabilitation clinic for people suffering from neuronal conditions – a new direction that required a new name, a new positioning and a new visual identity.

The solution

The aim of the new positioning and brand identity was to portray the clinic as a temporary home where patients would feel relaxed and know that their treatment is in good hands. The new logo incorporates the two shades of blue from the Zürcher Höhenklinik association and the EPI Clinic, and we used the architectural design concept to inform our colour scheme choices.


The imagery exudes cosiness and well-being in personalised surroundings while highlighting the clinic’s unique location and setting. No faces are shown in pictures featuring patients, to avoid stigmatising any particular type of person.