KKL Luzern

The case

Since it was founded barely 20 years ago, the KKL Luzern has become one of Europe’s leading concert venues. The iconic architecture of the building and the world-class acoustics of its concert hall are prominently showcased in its branding. But the KKL Luzern has come a long way over the last two decades; in addition to its cultural calendar, its convention business and catering have grown into important components of its service offering.

The challenge

This evolution was only partially reflected in the “KKL Luzern” brand. In particular, there had hitherto been insufficient focus on the inspiring moments and wide range of experiences offered by the KKL Luzern to guests and event organisers alike. The plan was to change this via a rebranding – with a view to sharpening and updating the organisation’s positioning before giving it a complete makeover further down the line.

The solution

One-on-one interviews with key stakeholders and surveys of a range of event-goers and visitors were at the heart of our 360° analysis. From this we distilled the brand’s unique strengths and long-term success potential, boiling these down to four positioning facets over the course of several workshops (see illustration).

The overarching motif of “inspiration” appears in various forms, including as a key visual which we have called the “wave of inspiration”. In digital applications, this wave translates music into undulating graphics in real time. The entire design, including the logo, is modular, flexible and responsive.