The Company

Established in 1908, Hop Lion, with the persistence of “quality, trust, and service”, provides OEM solution of bedding products and down jackets to European, American, and Japanese brands.

In 2016, Hop Lion decided to create the brand “Health Life” to deliver the best quality and most natural down products with more than 100-year craft and technology as well as affordable price to consumers in Taiwan.


The Challenge

Although the use of feather and down material originates from the West, the main customers of the brand are Taiwanese/ Chinese females. How to deliver the brand character of crafting delicate woven textile of feather and down becomes the most important determining factor of developing the design concept.

The Solution

Process helped Hop Lion develop the logo from the word “treasure” based on the concept of Miniature Curio Cabinets, meaning high quality products should be collected carefully. Furthermore, the traditional and introverted Taiwanese and Oriental style was manifested in the concept of paper-cut for window decoration with elegant fonts, making the brand a luxury. The design concept was extended to all items, including stationery, brand imagery, website, advertisement template etc. to strengthen the atmosphere of local fineness and Oriental feel of simplicity.