The company

The Haag-Streit Group is an internationally positioned Swiss medical technology manufacturer. The company develops, produces and markets high-precision medical equipment for ophthalmology, optometry and surgery. The market leader in its field, the group comprises 25 companies and employs more than 1,000 staff.

The challenge

We were commissioned to reposition the Haag-Streit Group brand and to this end we developed a visual identity that inspired: in a market sector where communications are sober and dominated by cold, hard facts, we worked with Haag-Streit to cultivate emotional appeal. Combining the company’s strengths and strategic objectives with the attitudes, motivations and expectations of its clients, we distilled an eye-catching positioning that is unique – even audacious – for the sector.

The solution

Three guiding principles lend the brand a further dimension that goes beyond its brand values – inspiring combinations of words, shapes, colours, materials and images, presented in three dimensions. These provide the creative momentum for all the brand’s touchpoints, whether at trade fairs or for an image brochure, website, a product presentation or in the photographic styling. This was followed by an umbrella concept for all the company’s publications: we adapted and expanded the corporate design elements and defined its imagery. Finally, we captured the new brand in an image brochure that ensures Haag-Streit truly stands out from the competition.