Gabi / Zarro / von Gunten

The company

The Gabi/Zarro/von Gunten law firm provides legal services and efficient personal consultations from its offices in the heart of Zurich Altstetten. This small practice has specialised in private law, public law and criminal law.


The challenge

Choosing a name was crucial to this project; it was a question of incorporating the somewhat less common surname Gabi in a way that would exclude any misinterpretation. The unembellished design reinforces the company’s claim to a clear, authentic and easily communicable brand.

The solution

The solution we found for separating the three names clearly from one another whilst also creating a single unit was as simple as it was refined: we chose a slash – a design element that can be used flexibly. The discreet visual identity with its slashes and yellow highlighting is stylish and guarantees a high recognition factor.