The challenge

Famigros has existed since 2012 as Migros’ family club, providing products, services and benefits for families with children, and the club has grown rapidly in scope and membership over the last few years. Sections for non-members have also been added, including events such as the “Famigros Ski Day”, while “Lilibiggs”, Migros’ children’s club, was integrated into the family club. Communications relating to Migros’ Baby/Kids range are now also to feature Famigros branding. These developments have resulted in new challenges that have shown the limitations of Famigros’ previous branding design, so Migros issued a request for rebranding proposals and we were awarded the contract.

The solution

The basic concept remains unchanged – families in Switzerland are to enjoy better products, support and encouragement thanks to the services provided by Famigros and the Migros universe – but this positioning has now been enhanced with a revised product structure combined with new target demographics and communications scenarios. The new tonality will incorporate and address a diverse range of target demographics, including parents-to-be and parents with school-age children, club members and non-members alike. In addition to providing solutions to these communications challenges, the new brand specifically emphasises independence and creates a uniform visual identity, without ever losing touch with the trusted and familiar feel of Famigros. First-time applications and a digital brand management platform for Famigros complement the design concept.

The design

The new design is lively, modern and cheerful. The various design elements combine to tell stories and depict aspects of family life, allowing the various target audiences to be addressed appropriately. In addition to the adapted logo, the colour palette, image styling and typography have all been re-defined.

The logo

The logo has been upgraded to ensure it is fit for deployment in all relevant communications channels in the future. The word mark has been enhanced with a protective white border; this lends the logo a stronger presence and a warmer feel and facilitates integration into a wide range of applications.

 Images and colours

The new imagery and colour palette will also make it possible to encode and design communications differently for the various target demographics – messages for parents-to-be will be have a calmer and softer feel while communications aimed at families with toddlers and school-age children will be louder and more flamboyant. The new image motifs play with diverse family scenes and role models, referencing authentic situations drawn from real life.

This Rebranding underscores our new claim to be much more than a family club – we are a communications platform for offers, tips and inspiration for every aspect of family life. Process understood this from the outset and we like their uncomplicated way of finding solutions to complex tasks.

Anna Schreier, Head Club-Management and Project Leader, Migros

The company

Migros is Switzerland’s largest retailer. The company’s cooperative model, regional ties and commitment to social, economic and environmental sustainability lie at the heart of its identity. Migros employs almost 86,100 staff in Switzerland and over 100,300 worldwide.