Employer Branding

The benchmark for successful employer branding is when a company is overrun with applications from talented, highly motivated candidates and can take its pick from the most suitable. In order for this to be the case, potential employees must know the company and have a positive image of it – especially as an employer. They will want to know what to expect, what expectations the company has of them and what they can achieve in the job – only then will they consider the firm as an employer. Employer branding is thus all about positively influencing the external perception or reputation of a company as an employer. The technique of choice in-house is Employee Engagement, which is used to maintain the motivation and loyalty of existing members of staff over the long term.


Our competency

If branding is a tool chest to achieve corporate objectives, then employer branding is the right tool for the job of attracting and retaining the right staff – people who do their bit to ensure that corporate objectives are actually achieved, individuals who feel drawn by the company’s values and culture because they share them and identify with them. This requires clear differentiation of the employer’s identity from competitors, marking it out as an attractive employer brand that will lend the company a competitive advantage in the “war for talent”. We develop employer brands that are memorable but flexible, and agile enough to reach your target audience within very broad, heterogeneous job portfolios. With employer branding, we emphasise the aspects of the brand that are most likely to be influenced by the employees and their work and behaviour, and this creates a reciprocal effect: employer branding is derived directly from the main brand but for this very reason also contributes positively to the general perception of the brand.

BKW – Employer Branding

BKW is transforming itself from a traditional, quasi-monopolistic electricity producer to a leading energy service provider that can hold its own in a deregulated energy market. The company is dependent on finding suitable, ambitious employees to bring about this metamorphosis – and it needs an attractive employer brand to reach out to qualified professionals. The brand is summed up in its essence in its employer promise “shape the future of energy with us!”, which we have drawn directly from the headline brand promise “in good hands for the energy future”. The statement expresses what BKW has to offer current and future employees: an opportunity to shape the future and to achieve major goals as part of the team. Potential applicants will find attractive animations and explanatory videos about the job descriptions in the new job portal.

Our positioning as an attractive employer, the design and our core messages have all proven their worth – we have been flooded with positive feedback from potential candidates.

Sonja Michel, Head HR Marketing and Communications, BKW Group