Employee Engagement

People make a stronger commitment within an organisation when they have a clear idea of what is expected of them and of the ultimate purpose of their job. Committed employees are completely immersed in their work, exuding a contentment and enthusiasm that generally rubs off on the team around them. They have a positive influence on the reputation of an employer and promote the interests and aims of the company. All other things being equal, the firm with the more committed workforce will have the edge on its competition. This is what we mean by “employee engagement” – it is the natural, in-house continuation of the work put into employer branding or the next step after a successful recruitment process, to see employees motivated, stimulated and supported over the long term.

Our competency

We see branding as a tool chest to achieve corporate objectives, and employee engagement as a sub-section of branding used to mobilise the enthusiasm of the people in the company for a particular vision. We create brands that show them how they can contribute to following that vision in their work and reaching individual milestones along the way. The brand is unpacked in such a way that it functions equally as a source of inspiration, an aid in decision-making and a benchmark for quality control for every single employee. It unlocks the abilities of individuals and teams and is an effective management tool.

Employee engagement is particularly important and useful when major change or significant turning points are on the horizon for a company: after mergers, when two corporate cultures collide instead of meshing together, but also as a way to impart momentum – to pull a lethargic company up out of the doldrums, for example. Ideally, we will work up the steps to be taken in interdisciplinary teams drawn from human resources, brand management and internal communications departments, and the entire organisation and workforce will be involved. This allows us to develop a shared understanding of the company’s brand, values and culture and ensures that every employee is aware of these – and we will give them the tools to live those to the full.


BKW – Employee Engagement

After our rebranding of the energy service provider BKW, we carried out a number of different in-house training courses, events and workshops, and assembled a range of tools for the staff with a view to integrating the brand and its guiding principles into their day-to-day work.

“The brand orientates employees: they will fill the brand values with life and take our company to the next level.”

Suzanne Thoma, CEO BKW Group

Edelweiss – Employee Engagement

We identified considerable potential for differentiation of its staff and services in the course of a brand relaunch for Edelweiss, the Swiss charter airline. As a small airline, it is not in a position to use either price or cutting-edge infrastructure to stand out from its competitors, so we worked with the staff to establish how the brand could be made tangible in everyday interactions through the service it provides. On a long-haul flight, passengers spend hour after hour “cooped up” in a branded environment in which the brand experience can be communicated in a highly concentrated and compelling fashion.