Editorial Design

The sky’s the limit for companies as far as form and content in magazines are concerned, as these publications are all about emotional impact. They are also an ideal medium in which to give a target audience a flavour of a company’s attitudes, personality and perspectives. A company’s positioning and brand values will thus also be at the very heart of a magazine’s content, tonality and design.

Our competency

For us, editorial design means not only the layout of a magazine but also the conceptual work, planning and realisation that go into all its content as well. The dramatic composition of a publication has an essential part to play here: how is the magazine structured? Which topics are placed where? What frameworks and journalistic forms have been used?

We take care of project planning from A to Z, working with selected photographers, illustrators and authors who are renowned in their field – without exciting, inspiring stories, even the most beautiful magazine is just a facade. We pay particular attention to areas with cross-currents of interfacing and interference, such as infotainment and offline/online.


Credit Suisse “one”

The stand-out feature of Credit Suisse’s staff magazine “one” is its expressive, unique and professional photographic style, and we have been responsible for the conceptual work, design, visual imagery, project management and production of the publication since 2001. The magazine is created in close cooperation with the editorial team and appears four times a year in four languages, with a circulation of 44,000 copies. Its exciting stories and stunning design has netted “one” numerous international design and corporate publishing awards.


Red Dot Award 2003, BCP 2004 (Gold), BCP 2005 (Silver), BCP 2006 (Gold), BCP 2007 (Silver), Berliner Type Award 2007 (Nominee) BCP 2008 (Gold), Designpreis Deutschland 2010 (Nominee), BCP 2013 (Silver), German Design Award 2014 (Special Mention) and many more.




As there has never been a publication exclusively devoted to the disciplines of branding and design in German-speaking countries, we took it upon ourselves to produce the branding and design magazine “62a” to mark our 20th anniversary. “62a” features people and stories from every corner of the world of branding and design and the first edition is devoted to “character”, a fascinating topic of relevance to people, brands and design. The magazine is published in German, English and Chinese.


iF Design Award 2016 (Winner), ADC Germany 2016 (Award), Best of Content Marketing 2016 (Gold in the category “Cover of the year”, Silver in the category “B2B/Customer/Print”)

 Award_IF_redAward_ADC Deutschland_redAward_bcm_red

Implenia “Impact”

Two-thirds of Implenia’s staff work on building sites, and these employees rely on their managers and the staff magazine to pass on important information about strategic and operational goals, corporate values and current projects. After the redesign, the old, fact-based, high-end product has evolved into a consumer medium with entertainment value. Now printed on newspaper, its lively visual language, yellow accents and large headlines make “Impact” a real eye-catcher that will also find a readership on the building site.


Econ Award 2013 (Nominee), German Design Award 2014 (Nominee)



BadeWelten Magazines

The Badewelten association’s contemporary client magazines are a showcase for its members as professional installers and manufacturers of bathroomware and climate control systems, with a passion for quality and solid craftsmanship. The magazines exude professional expertise and a feel for lifestyle. “BadeWelten” and “KlimaWelten” appear semi-annually with a circulation of 650,000 and 350,000 respectively. We cooperate closely with the association’s editorial team to present trends, ideas and innovations relating to every aspect of bathroom fittings and climate control in an appealing form as we work them up into attractive reading material.