The company

The Swiss charter airline Edelweiss was founded in 1995. It has been a member of the Lufthansa Group since 2008 and is thus a sister company of SWISS. Edelweiss flies some one million passengers every year to 28 countries, to the world’s most beautiful holiday destinations.

The challenge

Edelweiss had a long track record of cooperation with external partners and travel companies on a charter basis, but then its strategy changed: after being taken over by the Lufthansa Group, the airline entered the B2C market. In order to survive in this highly competitive arena, Edelweiss had to learn some new tricks of its own and we joined forces, embarking on an ambitious plan to equip the airline for the challenges it was to face.

Analysis and strategy

First, we analysed the airline’s immediate competitive landscape before using a series of workshops to define Edelweiss’ brand values, positioning and future strategy. The new slogan, “Der Sonne entgegen” (“heading for the sun”) represents the range of over 50 sun-kissed holiday destinations around the world that are served by a direct Edelweiss flight.


Concept and implementation

Removal of the “Air” suffix has made the brand logo larger and more striking and the streamlined edelweiss flower icon serves as the basis for a broad range of holiday pictograms that will make the optimised corporate identity unmistakable. The new look now inspires holiday feelings and a desire for sun and sand at every touchpoint.


Marketing communications


We created and designed a range of marketing techniques, from sales and image communications to freebies and a trade-fair stand.


Process’ dedicated and professional work over the last few years has been instrumental in enabling Edelweiss to tighten up its market position and expand its overall market presence. I am extremely appreciative of the team’s proactive efforts and our collaboration as partners, and I look forward to working together on our next successful venture.

Karl Kistler, CEO Edelweiss


The brand even features in flight listings and the services on offer. We supported Edelweiss in creating, designing and publicising the new Business and Economy Max flight classes.