Dr. Morita

The company

Dr. Morita is one of the most popular cosmetics brands in Taiwan and Mainland China. The company specializes in single-use “sheet masks” for the face. This easy-to-use skin moisturising treatment has long been a beauty secret in Asia and has recently taken the Western world by storm.

The challenge

While the company basks in outstanding sales performance, it does not want to neglect branding. Dr. Morita China and Process Shanghai launched a long-term partnership to continue optimising the brand and developing marketing tools.

The solution

Its outstanding products are one key reason for Dr. Morita’s burgeoning sales figures. Another key reason is that the brand holds its principles regardless of short-term market changes. “Quality Derives From Professionalism” – this is the company’s competitive advantage. So far, the Dr. Morita/Process collaboration has yielded a series of micro films, in order to enliven the brand and increase its appeal to different generations. These films enrich the brand and lift brand communication and visual appearance to another level.