Credit Suisse

Zurich-based Credit Suisse is one of the world’s largest global financial services companies, with some 47,000 staff – a good half of which are in Switzerland – looking after the banking, private banking and asset management requirements of 2 million private and more than 100,000 corporate clients.

Credit Suisse and Process have been working together closely since 1996, when we were first commissioned to analyse the then Schweizer Kreditanstalt’s corporate identity in depth. This leading bank has updated its entire corporate design three times since then and, over the years, we have advised Credit Suisse on complex aspects of its branding. Even today, we develop and manage the comprehensive, globally applicable design guidelines that underpin this major bank’s visual identity.

Brand formation and management

Managing a brand recognised around the world is an especially delicate task for a global company like Credit Suisse; it’s important to take steps to ensure the brand is not diluted, but at the same time initiatives need to be efficient and cost-effective. Precise and modular design guidelines help us rise to this daily challenge.


When it comes to outdoor signs and signage, a uniform, global brand presence instils trust, provides orientation and ensures brand recognition for the bank. A modular system of signage elements makes it possible to accommodate a wide range of building structures and location-specific factors. The solutions are flexible, but the brand’s impact is always consistent.

Publication concept

The content, structure, dynamics and tone of the bank’s numerous publications are tailored to the needs of a broad range of stakeholders and target demographics. A comprehensive and clearly structured publication concept incorporates these considerations, enabling editorial and design decisions to be made efficiently for print, electronic, mobile or interactive media.

“one” staff magazine

We have been responsible for the layout, images and production of “one”, Credit Suisse’s staff magazine, since 2001. Created in close cooperation with Credit Suisse’s editorial board, the booklet comes out four times a year with a circulation of 35,000 copies in four languages. To date, “one” has won well over 30 national and international corporate design and corporate publishing prizes and is thus one of the most successful staff magazines in the world.


Red Dot Award 2003, BCP 2004 (Gold), BCP 2005 (Silber), BCP 2006 (Gold), BCP 2007 (Silber), Berliner Type Award 2007 (Nominee) BCP 2008 (Gold), Designpreis Deutschland 2010 (Nominee), BCP 2013 (Silber),  German Design Award 2014 (Special Mention)


The "special mention for outstanding design quality" is awarded for exceptional design features or solutions.

Andrej Kupetz, publisher of the German Design Award