Credit Suisse Bonviva

The company

The Credit Suisse Group is a leading global provider of financial services. Founded in 1856, the bank’s original purpose was to finance the expansion of the railway network and the industrialisation of Switzerland. Credit Suisse is now represented in more than 50 countries, employing 45,600 staff of some 150 different nationalities.

The challenge

Process was entrusted with repositioning and redesigning an entire product identity for Credit Suisse’s Bonviva and Viva banking packages to emphasise the emotional appeal of the bank’s products.

The solution

Process developed a core communications concept, a stand-alone product identity with new imagery and a brand claim. Consistent application of our design concept has secured strong product profiles and high recognition factors for both the Bonviva and Viva banking packages.


Viva provides basic banking services for the youth market and a comprehensive range of attractive additional services. The product identity is moulded around the core communications concept and has been translated into suitable marketing initiatives based on clear design guidelines.

More Experience Tour

The “More Experience Tour” saw an old VW bus winding its way between the festivals in Switzerland before being raffled in a social media campaign. The “experience more” service commitment has become a total emotional package that convincingly communicates the idea of “attractive banking”.


The package of services for adults is more understated than Viva, but the core communications concept also features here in adapted form in all marketing initiatives.