Bund No. 5

The company

The office building at No. 5, the Bund opened its doors as early as 1925 on the world-renowned harbour promenade in Shanghai. The building combines striking Japanese styling with European architectural features and is now home to a series of exclusive restaurants.

The challenge

The interior of Bund No. 5 was renovated from top to bottom in 2013 and we were responsible for all the signage. Taking our inspiration from the eventful history of this venerable building, we let our thoughts run in a slightly futuristic vein.

The solution

The design is a contemporary take on the building’s Renaissance style, featuring marble, glass and brass in perfect harmony. The interior is a convincing but unconventional mélange of retro luxury elements with an atmosphere that radiates an astonishing amount of warmth, ensuring that Bund No. 5 will remain the perfect place to be for Shanghai’s exclusive dining scene for years to come.