Rebrand100 Global Awards 2016 (Merit/Winner), German Brand Award 2016 (Winner), German Design Award 2017 (Special Mention), Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards 2016 (Winner), Edi.16 (Special Award Editing), iF Design Award 2017 (Winner)


The company

The BKW Group is an international energy and infrastructure business employing nearly 4,000 staff, that offers a full range of tailored services to customers throughout Switzerland. BKW’s distribution grid, the largest in Switzerland, provides one million people with a reliable supply of power around the clock.

The new brand helps us position BKW as a leading energy and infrastructure business. And the brand orientates employees: they will fill the brand values with life and bring our company to the next level.

Suzanne Thoma, CEO BKW

The challenge

Imagine the product you are selling actually costs more to produce than it fetches on the market. Sooner or later, this fact will force you out of business. Companies facing such a prospect must reinvent themselves and this is precisely what BKW has done. The company is shedding its skin as a traditional power company and re-emerging as leading infrastructure and energy service provider. We were charged with making sure that the BKW brand is ready for and supporting with this transformation.

Analysis and strategy

BKW has everything it needs to become the leading Swiss energy solution provider. History, know-how and a top down enforced commitment to become the first truly customer oriented solution provider in Switzerland. It now needs to use all of this to come up with complexity reduced service solutions that perfectly fit individual customer needs. Needs the customer is currently not aware of they exist. And build up a trustful, supportive and service oriented relationship with the customer.


The most important elements of the new brand design are its powerful use of colour and a bespoke pictogram style that has been enhanced with “scribbles” – hand-drawn sketches with a clear communicative purpose: simplifying information in a very personal way. The new BKW look provides a welcome visual contrast to the dispassionate and overly technical design approaches typical of the sector. The imagery moved away from power structures (the future is no longer about generating electricity) towards a people centred world, reflecting the increased importance of BKW’s service offer.

The overall design concept unites emotionality and rationality in an intrinsically coherent, plausible identity in which the pictograms complemented by hand-drawn sketches ensure an attention-getting, distinctive look.

Statement of the Jury, German Design Award

Employee engagement

Like any company, BKW’s is relying on its employees to make it all happen. Employee engagement ensures they know what their brand stands for and why, as well as how to use it in their daily business.

Positioning ourselves as an attractive employer, the design and our core message have proven effective. We are overwhelmed by the positive feedback we get from potential applicants.

Sonja Michel, HR Marketing and Communications Specialist, BKW

Employer brand

An organisation’s culture is defined by its people. The employer brand is based on the main brand. It spells out to existing and future employees what BKW offers them. And by way of a specifically developed communication platform, it provides the content for BKW’s presence at recruitment fairs, for job adverts and for job profiles.

Corporate film

In cooperation with film production house Stories we have created an unconventional corporate film for our client BKW. “The home of energy” takes us on a journey and reveils the human side of energy. It is one of the initiatives to communicate the new positioning in a direct, approachable and emotional way.

The editing work on this film stands out for its unusual cadence. The rhythm of the cuts as the film picks up speed or slows down is dynamic yet flowing: the effect is simply arresting. The film is a masterpiece of pace. It has won a well-deserved special mention Edi Award for film editing.

The jury, Edi.16 Swiss Sponsored Film Awards

Corporate publications

We have designed and realised all reporting, including the annual report, financial statements, sustainability report, eco-fund report and the corporate facts and figures. Our primary aim was to ensure that the striking design elements and new tonalities made their visual presence felt. Complex systems (e.g. the smart grid) were explained using easy to understand illustrations.


Simplification, structure and clarity were the requirements here. BKW provides a wide range of services for diverse needs and customers. The naming system should help communicate the benefit of the service.

Brand guardian

We worked with BKW to develop a brand that applied to the entire organisation and was not just limited to the Marketing and Communications departments. As brand guardian we are a sparring partner in various strategic questions and support BKW when working with other specialist agencies and suppliers.

What particularly impressed us about Process was the team's holistic understanding of branding and their thorough, structured and integrated approach to the task at hand.

Lorenz Jenni, Head of Brand Management, BKW