BKW Annual Report 2015


iF Design Award 2017 (Winner), German Design Award 2017 (Special Mention), Econ Award 2016 (Nominee)


The company

The BKW Group is an international energy and infrastructure business employing nearly 4,000 staff, that offers a full range of tailored services to customers throughout Switzerland. BKW’s distribution grid, the largest in Switzerland, provides one million people with a reliable supply of power around the clock.

The challenge

Despite falling energy prices, unfavourable currency effects and generally challenging business conditions, BKW can look back on a successful year and is facing the future with confidence. The 2015 annual report is designed to communicate this sense of achievement to both internal and external stakeholders.

The annual report as a 'personal' diary is a charming idea with a design that was consistently implemented with a distinctive human touch.

Statement of the Jury, German Design Award

The solution

The uncluttered, clearly laid-out mandatory reporting section is enhanced with a diary recounting the highlights of the year and reviewing the successes and experiences of the last twelve months under the heading “Stories from Our Journey into the Future of Energy”. It touches on topics that are as diverse as BKW itself, from the decommissioning of the Mühleberg power plant to all the support they have given the Swiss ski team.

We designed the diary in the form of a typical notebook. The individual diary entries are lovingly illustrated with hand-drawn pictures, sketches and marks or are written out in a handwriting font. The photos are cropped in various ways – some of them irregularly as if they had been cut by hand with a pair of scissors – creating a refreshing collage effect. All of these design elements articulate authenticity and reflect BKW’s close bond with the workforce that plays such an important role in this report.

Although a company’s staff do not typically receive their employer’s annual report, BKW put its employees front and centre here, too: each of them was sent a personal copy of the report’s diary section as a memento of a transformational year for the firm.


For the image section of the annual report, we were looking for an unconventional and surprising concept that reflected the big changes taking place at BKW. The diary or notebook format achieves this very effectively. The collaboration with Process is down-to-earth and straightforward – the team are innovative and keen to contribute original ideas.

Ursula Fricker, Project Manager Publications, BKW Group

I never travel without my diary. One should always have something sensational to read in the train.

Oscar Wilde – a quote cited in “Stories from Our Journey into the Future of Energy”