BKW Annual Report 2014


German Brand Award 2016 (Special Mention)


The company

The BKW Group is an international energy and infrastructure business employing nearly 4,000 staff, that offers a full range of tailored services to customers throughout Switzerland. BKW’s distribution grid, the largest in Switzerland, provides one million people with a reliable supply of power around the clock.

The challenge

When BKW opted to realign its strategy, its management knew the decision would have a major impact on the way the company communicates. Values such as affinity and simplicity would underpin their publications and corporate design in the future. BKW has had to find ways of breaking down complex energy-related issues into manageable chunks and highlighting the opportunities and potential of its industry to its various target groups.

The 2014 annual report aimed to make BKW’s strategic transformation tangible to all stakeholders. As the first publication to appear under the new brand design, the 2014 annual report marks the rollout of BKW’s new visual identity across all of its touchpoints.

The cohesive brand strategy we have developed in conjunction with Process was highly visible for the first time in our 2014 annual report and related publications. This was a big step for us. And it has been a resounding success.

Daniel Roulier, Head of Public Relations, BKW Group

The solution

Our overarching goal was to make the brand visible and palpable. True to the principles of the new brand design, BKW’s annual report is a bold statement that stands out against the generally cerebral offerings of its competitors.

Vibrant BKW colours are deployed to bring a highly technical field to life. We use simple illustrations to explain complex systems such as the “smart grid” clearly, while abstract numbers are visualised with surprising and original comparisons.

Hand-drawn sketches or “scribbles”, a hallmark of the new BKW brand design, are used to illustrate concepts or supply additional information. These drawings also emphasise simplicity and approachability – two values at the heart of BKW’s new strategic positioning.

To add an element of surprise to the publication, we created three pop-ups. These not only depict BKW’s challenges and strengths in a memorable new style but they also make reading the annual report fun.