Air Plus

The Company

The story of Air Plus starts in Canada of North America, a red-maple country with abundant natural resources where young hair dressers from different countries both in east and west meet here. These young designers with special talents and common interests form a team named Air Plus which means to let “beauty” exist everywhere like air.

The Challenge

In 2012, Air Plus came to Shanghai with its insistence on natural environmental protection, hoping to convey the brand concept of combining environmental protection and natural symbiosis with innovative spirit.

The Solution

In order to continue and propagate the concept, creative conception of Air Plus focuses on natural and humanistic inspiration, uses green and orange to metaphorically stand for forest and the sun, and creates main enterprise tone matched with rhythm, symbolizing endless life and growth of the nature. Meanwhile, it treats the concept of “people first” as an important element which is completely shown on the overall image creation of the enterprise. From the development of logo imagery to the shop identity, service, products and tools of the physical stores, it is all related with complete brand spirit aiming to provide customers with a kind of integrated and natural cultural experience.