Unveiling a new brand – BKW’s annual report

BKW is currently engaged in a process of strategic transformation, shedding its skin as a traditional power company and re-emerging as an innovative energy service provider. For over a year now, we have been BKW’s chosen partner in this transition, consulting on strategy, guiding on long-term brand management, and helping BKW to make its strategic objectives a reality. The result of our collaboration over the last few months is a holistic branding approach that spans the entire company and permeates all of its business units.

As part of the rebranding, we have been responsible for planning and redesigning all of BKW’s key corporate publications, including its annual report, financial statements, sustainability report, eco-fund report and corporate facts and figures. These products are tangible expressions of the new brand and communicate BKW’s guiding principles, values like affinity, equal partnership, simplicity and clear communication. BKW’s guiding principles underpin not only the design, but also the tone, structure and substance of their publications.

Pop-up pictures on each strategic business unit are playful elements that structure the annual report. Complex systems (ex. smartgrid) or processes (ex. switching-off and dismantling of the nuclear power plant Mühleberg) are explained through comprehensible and friendly illustrations. Appealing infographs and typography feature key figures.

New brand design

The core elements of the new brand design are its powerful use of colour and a bespoke pictogram style that has been enhanced with “scribbles” – hand-drawn sketches that include supplementary information, explanation or add an emotional touch.

“The cohesive brand strategy we have developed in conjunction with Process will be highly visible for the first time in our 2014 annual report and related publications. This is a big step for us. And it has been a resounding success.”

Daniel Roulier, Head of Public Relations, BKW