The Edelweiss zeppelin – An idea takes off

The Edelweiss Zeppelin was flying over Zurich from mid May until early June 2015, taking small groups of passengers on a breathtaking under-an-hour roundtrip above the city. The largest Zeppelin flight tour Switzerland has ever seen has begun well and will soon head to its next destination: Basel.

Process created, planned and implemented Switzerland’s leading leisure travel airline Edelweiss’ twenty-year anniversary celebrations. A short “making of” video gives you an idea how. Edelweiss’ guiding idea “let go and take off” was what the Zeppelin flight tour concept was based on. The campaign, with its “win a Zeppelin flight” tie-ins, is being very well received in the press and on social media.

The Edelweiss Zeppelin will be king of the Swiss sky a whole summer long. After Zurich, it will be flying over Basel/Münchenstein (Canton Basel Land), Interlaken (Canton Bern), Sitterdorf (Canton Thurgau), Grenchen (Canton Solothurn) and Birrfeld (Canton Aargau). The Edelweiss Zeppelin flight tour is the biggest in Swiss aviation history.

“The Edelweiss Zeppelin flight tour is very challenging in terms of planning and logistics. We are pleased that so far, everything has gone smoothly. We are also overwhelmed by the positive response from our target audience.”

Corinne Römer, Marketing Manager and Project Manager at Edelweiss Air