Edelweiss Air celebrates 20th birthday with a zeppelin

The idea to have an Edelweiss Zeppelin flying the Swiss skies comes from Martin Kessler, Process Group Managing Partner. Everything began with an inspiring morning shower: “I looked at my shampoo bottle and it somehow reminded me of a zeppelin. After having a tram, a bus and a locomotive in the Edelweiss fleet, a Zeppelin was exactly what was missing.”

«Let go and take off»

Further to promoting Edelweiss’ sales the campaign aims at introducing Edelweiss as “the” Swiss holiday airline in other Swiss regions beyond Zurich and surroundings – its actual home base. The starting point of the entire project was Edelweiss’ guiding idea: “let go and take off”. With six boarding events at six different locations in German speaking Switzerland individuals and families will have the chance to book round flights for reasonable prices, experience Switzerland from above and celebrate with Edelweiss. The entire campaign is also present in social media and will include various competitions.

Where does the zeppelin come from?

The zeppelin NT is the largest airworthy airship in the world. It was built in Friedrichshafen, Germany. Once we came up with the idea, we engaged in talks and negotiations with the company Zeppelin. We soon realised that what we had in mind was one of the largest zeppelin operations ever. After clarifying the feasibility we presented our plan – and the Edelweiss team was thrilled from the very start. The zeppelin will fly in its Edelweiss dress from spring to autumn 2015. It will be in Switzerland from May to August 2015 and then sail back homeward, starting its winter break in November.

Find more information on the Edelweiss Air anniversary here.