Digital branding – authenticity and flexibility

Digital branding is all about positioning a brand in the digital space. More precisely, it is a process which ensures that the customer experience of a company or service in the digital arena is aligned with a specific set of brand values. At the heart of digital branding are so-called digital “touchpoints”, which enable interaction – very immediate and individual relationships between brands and clients.

Today, successful brands are not just authentic and enduring, but also flexible. It is only possible to square this circle with a brand strategy that is comprehensive and sustainable, and offers flexible solutions. Especially in the digital world, it is crucial to react fast to new situations, challenges and opportunities.

Two key questions thus need to be asked when developing a new digital presence – or refining an identity following a rebranding:

1. How do usability, visual design, functionality, interaction, etc. communicate the brand values, so that they trigger the desired user experience?

2. How does the content and its tone convey the brand’s story and messages?

VonSalis – a real-world example of digital branding

Taking the above criteria into consideration, we set about designing a new website, online shop and blog for the wine merchant vonSalis from Graubünden as part of a rebranding exercise for the firm. VonSalis’ new presence is rooted in its revised brand positioning and meets the very latest functional and digital standards.

The services offered by vonSalis – an expert wine merchant and reliable supplier – take pride of place on the new website. The new online shop allows users to find information about individual bottles quickly and easily, and makes it as simple as possible for them to purchase a bottle with just a few clicks. Thanks to its slick search function, users can filter by criteria such as taste preference (“elegant”, “full-bodied”, “powerful”, etc.). In short, VonSalis is a partner who helps fulfil unique wishes. The new slogan, “placing wine centre stage,” is brought to life with witty illustrations and inspiring headlines.

The visuals in vonSalis’ new digital identity represent a stage on which the firm’s broad selection of wine from around the globe is placed front and centre. The understated, large-scale layout, original typography and distinctive, emotional images all work together to open up the world of wine and make clear that vonSalis provides down-to-earth, tangible guidance, whether in person or in the digital space.