Chronicle of a journey into the future of energy

Despite falling energy prices, unfavourable currency effects and generally challenging business conditions, the BKW Group can look back on a successful 2015 and face the future with confidence – and this is the story told in this year’s annual report, which we have once again designed and produced for the energy and infrastructure service provider. The uncluttered, clearly laid out mandatory reporting section has been enhanced with a diary recounting the highlights of the year and reviewing the successes and experiences of the last twelve months under the heading “Stories from Our Journey into the Future of Energy”.

Unconventional and versatile

We designed the diary in the form of a typical notebook, dividing the year into four quarters and introducing each of these sections with an illustrated quotation on the subject of energy. The individual diary entries are lovingly illustrated with hand-drawn pictures or sketches and written out in a handwriting font. Picture cuttings, collages and even a little photo love story lend the diary its own authentic character. The words and images tell the story of an eventful year in chronological order, touching on topics that are as diverse as BKW itself, from the decommissioning of the Mühleberg power plant to all the support they have given the Swiss ski team.

And a gift for the staff

The company’s staff play an essential role in the diary and there was no doubt from the very outset that they should receive the book as a present – as a thank-you and as a souvenir of a stimulating year.

BKW’s 2015 annual report – which can also be viewed online – reveals the company to be multi-faceted, diverse and full of exciting stories, and it closes with a quotation from Oscar Wilde: “I never travel without my diary. One should always have something sensational to read in the train.”