A new line-up for the Process Executive Board

Martin Kessler and Bärbel Fritz founded Process in Zurich almost 20 years ago. We have since grown to become an important player in Switzerland and Asia. Martin Kessler is now withdrawing from the day-to-day running of the firm and will be devoting more of his time to the group’s strategic positioning, which he will oversee as Chairman of the Board of Directors.

Renewal and continuity

Rudolf Rodenburg is taking over the role of Managing Director from Martin Kessler and will be the public face of our Executive Board in Zurich. Bärbel Fritz will remain as Group Creative Director and Fabian Bertschinger will continue to be Creative Director for the Zurich office. The new addition to the Executive Board is Martin Fawer, who joined Process in June 2014 and who will be expanding his role on the Executive Board as Consulting Director.

The local “brand service providers”

We will continue to be strategically positioned as a brand service provider and under the new management structure we have all the skills needed to do so. The focus is also increasingly moving towards clients who are planning a move into the Asian market or wish to expand their presence there. These customers will benefit from the local services provided by our teams in Zurich, Shanghai and Taipei.


On the picture from left to right: Martin Fawer, Rudolf Rodenburg, Bärbel Fritz, Fabian Bertschinger and Martin Kessler

“With the new Board, Process is very well equipped, and therefore this is now the right time for me to focus on new challenges: I am very much looking forward to taking a more direct role in consolidating the group, further expanding our presence in Asia, and getting involved with projects that are beyond the ambit of our day-to-day routine.”

Martin Kessler, Process Group Managing Partner