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“Taiwanese and Swiss are much more similar than I had originally assumed.”

Living & Design Magazine

Living & Design magazine published an article on our Group Managing Partner, Martin Kessler in the “People” section of the magazine’s Taiwanese May 2017 issue. In addition to sharing some of his experiences building brands in Europe and in Asia, Living Design wanted Martin Kessler to give his take on Swiss design and the little differences between the Taiwanese and the Swiss.

Jimmy, Living & Design

The art and balance of the creative director


What exactly is a creative director? Just what does she do all day? And what traits do clients really look for in a designer? These are a few of the questions we put to Fabian Bertschinger, Creative Director and Member of the Executive Board at Process Zurich. The interview also offers a glimpse of Process’ holistic approach to creating genuine and successful brands.

Eric Weng, Susana Lamas Docampo

Position yourself, if you want to stand out

Brand Positioning

There was a time when Nike and Adidas would be all most people think of if you mentioned sports brands, but the marque on everybody’s lips recently has been Under Armour. What distinguishes UA’s brand positioning from that of its two big brothers?

Charles Chen Jiang Li

Authenticity and flexibility

Digital Branding

What should you keep in mind when developing a brand’s digital presence? More or less what you should keep in mind in the analogue world. We break it down to two key questions and show you how it’s done with a real-world example.

Susana Lamas Docampo

A music video rewriting Taiwan’s brand image

Brand Perception

Taiwan is enjoying entirely new associations thanks to Jolin Tsai’s music video “Play”, a dazzling cultural phenomenon combining cheeky self-expression, innovative social commentary and wicked satire.

Charles Chen Liao Ting

When is the time right for rebranding?


At what point should a business reinvent itself? When is the time right for your firm to refresh its brand? If you are tripped up by any of our 5 rebranding-related questions, the answer is: now.

Susana Lamas Docampo

“No. I’m not a star.”

Magazine 62a

Lidan Liu is an industrial designer whose personality projects a powerful mix of openness, energy, pragmatism and vision. A talk with one of China's leading designers.

Martin Kessler designaffairs

The future of luxury


Luxury brands continue to sell at an ever-growing rate. They also tend to their visual identities and the way they are presented as brands more than any other industry. But what do we actually mean by luxury? Here is an attempt to get a handle on the world of luxury and catch a glimpse of the future.

Martina Kühne Jean Jullien Alina Günter