Our offices in Zurich, Shanghai and Taipei offer competent team work and exciting job oppurtunities. Original perspectives fascinate us and our work is invariably interdisciplinary and “joined-up”.

Yoona Li

Office Administrator, Shanghai

Armin Morid

Senior Account Manager, Zurich

Yvonne Hsu

Design Trainee, Shanghai

Chantel Huang

Member of the Executive Board - Consulting Director, Shanghai


Consulting Director

Well grounded knowledge in the section of branding, corporate identity/communications/ market research. 5+ years experience in branding agency in China. If you are the person we are looking for, send us your CV!


Creative Director

We are looking for a person who have management and leading abilities. Good in multiple project management. You have at least 5+ years experience or more in design agency. Send us your CV!

Christina Widmann

Lead Designer, Zurich

Lorenzo Geiger

Lead Designer, Zurich

Sarah Trendle

Digital Designer, Zurich


Graphic Designer

We are looking for an open-minded and motivated person with the desire to work in Shanghai. You have 3-5 years of working experience in the area of brand design. If you are the person we are looking for, send us your CV.

Didier Quarroz

Brand Designer, Shanghai

Jules Li

Business Development Manager, Taipei

Eting Liao

Brand Designer, Taipei


Brand Designer

It is a chance to work for and with international brands. Through our methodology and process, you will get a chance to create brands with us! We expect you to have more than 3 years of working experience in design / advertisement agencies. Contact us and learn more!


BD Manager

Building network, developing relations, interacting with the client and signing the deals…… If you are interested in an challenging and people-oriented job and have 5 to 8 years of working experience, please contact us. 

Julie Chiang

Design Assistant, Taipei

Iris Sun

Brand Designer, Shanghai

Jannik Fischer

Design Trainee, Zurich

Angela Kong

Office Manager, Shanghai

Luis Martinez Tapia

Industrial Designer, Shanghai

Nina Chao

Brand Consultant, Taipei

Meiling Lee

Brand Consultant, Taipei

Orion Shi

Digital Consultant, Shanghai

Liven Li

Brand Designer, Shanghai

Kyle Pan

Business Development Manager, Shanghai

Julia Wieler

Account Manager, Zurich

Miter Li

Brand Designer, Shanghai

Julius Jäger

Lead Consultant, Zurich



Internship positions for Motion Design and Graphic Design are refilled every six months. Have we piqued your interest? Then drop us a line! Maria Afonso is looking forward to receiving your email.

Andy Lang

Senior Designer, Zurich

Levin Bissig

Motion Designer, Zurich

Maria Afonso

Office Manager, Zurich


Looking for a new challenge?

We are always interested in exceptional applications and exciting CVs. Please send your materials to Process Zürich. Maria Afonso is looking forward to find out more about you.

Xinhong Ye

Brand Designer, Taipei

Charles Chen

Managing Partner – Brand Consultant, Taipei

Fabian Bertschinger

Member of the Executive Board – Creative Director, Zurich

Peggy Chen

Managing Partner – Brand Consultant, Shanghai

Katharina Frank

Senior Consultant, Zurich

Bärbel Fritz

Partner – Group Creative Director, Zurich

Charles Ingrey-Senn

Creative Director, Shanghai

Martin Kessler

Group Managing Partner, Zurich

Susana Lamas Docampo

Public Relations Manager, Zurich

Morpheus Ma

Product Designer, Shanghai

Elmar Müller

Lead Consultant, Zurich

Lucia Pigliapochi

Senior Designer, Zurich

Rudolf Rodenburg

Member of the Executive Board – Managing Director, Zurich

Sonja Rössler

Senior Designer, Zurich

Luise Schatt

Senior Account Manager, Zurich

Sandra Scheffknecht

Lead Designer, Zurich

Séverine Telley

Senior Designer, Zurich

Lainey Xu

Marketing Specialist, Shanghai

Martin Fawer

Member of the Executive Board - Consulting Director, Zurich