Our offices in Zurich, Shanghai and Taipei offer competent team work and exciting job opportunities. Original perspectives fascinate us and our work is invariably interdisciplinary and “joined-up”.

Charles Wei

Business Development Manager, Shanghai

Charles is a good communicator with great business sense and ideas. His diverse background made him familiar with different cultures and industries. With passion, he helps to adding value into customers’ brand.

Noé Robert

Consultant, Zurich

Vanessa Cazzato

Vanessa Cazzato

Copywriter, Zurich

Markus Gut

Markus Gut

CEO, Partner, Zurich

Bruno Manser

Bruno Manser

Member of the Executive Board – Digital Creative Director, Zurich

Bruno believes in ideas and digital media – and the combination of both. Despite his focus on digital, he loves playing analogue strategic board games and reading well written novels. He is a member of Art Directors Club Switzerland and prefers meals and drinks from Appenzell – firmly bound to his origin.

Sarah Trendle

Digital Designer, Zurich

Sarah has worked on the client side at digital and branding agencies, but a job in London prompted her to switch her passion from full stops to pixels, and she has looked no further ever since.

Verna Li

Consultant Trainee, Taipei

Verna is a design student who is curious and open-mined to everything. She is also a subtle observer and great communicator. She believes building design is the only way to create higher product value!

Kaiching Liu

Brand Consultant, Taipei

As a brand consultant, Kaiching is a good listener and communicator. She loves to discover new challenges and create values when interacting with people. With both design and branding background, she thinks creatively and concerns about the details.

Adrian Xuan

Brand Designer, Shanghai

Adrian loves brings happiness in a team. He has a cross-disciplinary background of marketing and graphic design during the college life in Taiwan. His goal is to make some achievement in both brand strategy and graphic design.

Estela Lin

Design Assistant, Taipei

Design Assistant Estela is brimming with energy. She loves sports and traveling, and is passionate about her work. Her primary mission is to help the designers complete brand projects. She also turns brand concepts into animation.

Angel Yang

Business Development Manager, Taipei

Angel works with her heart and her head. As an expert in marketing and business development, she is convinced Taiwanese firms will gain on the bottom line by following professional branding advice; let her tell you how.

Yoona Li

Office Administrator, Shanghai

Working at different industries has allowed Yoona to accumulate an array of administrative skill-set. At Process, she is in charge with the company’s financial and managerial matters. Cheerful and upbeat, she is a good communicator and handles internal affairs efficiently, making her good team player.

Armin Morid

Senior Consultant, Zurich

As a boy, Armin was mad about airline livery. Later, this became a passion about brands. He grew up to be a Branding Manager for a global medtech company and is now most at home solving strategy conundrums.


Brand Consultant

You are a communicative person who can take care of challenging projects? You have 3-5 years working experience in a branding or design agency ? We offer you the chance to work in Taipei and gain deep insights into exciting brands.

Chantel Huang

Member of the Executive Board - Managing Director, Shanghai

Chantel has a deep understanding in different business models and brand strategies and is able to analyze the value and position of the brand from client and market-oriented perspectives. She has lived in 7 cities of 4 countries.


Consulting Director

Well grounded knowledge in branding, corporate identity/communications/market research and 5+ years experience in a branding agency in China are required for this exciting position. If you are the person we are looking for, send your CV!


Creative Director

We are looking for a person who have management and leading abilities. Good in multiple project management. You have at least 5+ years experience or more in design agency. Send us your CV!


Brand Designer

We are looking for an open-minded and motivated person with the desire to work in Shanghai. You have 3-5 years of working experience in the area of brand design. If you are the person we are looking for, send us your CV.

Didier Quarroz

Brand Designer, Shanghai

Jules Li

Managing Director, Taipei

Jules is a communications expert, a strategist, a joiner of dots, a thinker and a doer. Working in branding fills him with joy, as it meshes perfectly with both his personality and his professional experience!

Eting Liao

Brand Designer, Taipei

Eting is a brand designer with insatiable curiosity who loves to explore the world from a design perspective. Her solid illustration skills invariably bring greater life and depth to a brand’s character.


Brand Consultant

You are a communicative person who can take care of challenging projects? You have 3-5 years working experience in a branding or design agency ? We offer you the chance to gain deep insights into exciting brands 

Line Labie

Motion Designer, Shanghai

Iris Sun

Brand Designer, Shanghai

Iris has worked in brand design for many years, serving different kinds of clients from a variety of industries. She is quick in understanding and providing solutions that best meets client’s design practices.

Jannik Fischer

Junior Designer, Zurich

Jannik loves signs, shapes and music. Having studied Visual Communications with a major in Branding and Editorial design in his homeland of Denmark, he has a head brimming with ideas for brand concepts.

Luis Martinez Tapia

Industrial Designer, Shanghai

Orion Shi

Brand Consultant , Shanghai

Orion helps us out with professional brand strategy and provides digital media marketing services. Having majored in brand design and management, he has acquired a deep insight into trending developments in the industry.

Liven Li

Brand Designer, Shanghai

Liven has learnt to draw at a very young age, which has made him highly meticulous in his artistic perception. His determination and unique approach as a designer can be seen through his exceptional designs.

Miter Li

Brand Designer, Shanghai

Miter thinks that “passion” is what motivates him the most. He thinks that a professional project can only be produced through keeping a cheerful and positive attitude. Milter’s deep interest of trying out different painting styles led him to become a great observer, with impressive execution skills. He can effectively grasp the style of each brand.



Internship positions for Motion Design and Graphic Design are refilled every six months. Have we piqued your interest? Then drop us a line! Maria Afonso is looking forward to receiving your email.

Boris Stoll

Designer, Zurich

Levin Bissig

Motion Designer, Zurich

Things started moving in graphics for Levin while he was still an undergraduate; having got acquainted with broadcast design in Munich, he has since had an eye for anything that moves or has more than two dimensions.

Maria Afonso

Office Manager, Zurich

Maria began her career in the fashion industry before a brief diversion into the sphere of technology convinced her that she was missing the creative world. She comes into her own when organising events.


Looking for a new challenge?

We are always interested in exceptional applications and exciting CVs. Please send your materials to Process Zürich. Maria Afonso is looking forward to find out more about you.

Xinhong Ye

Senior Designer, Taipei

Brand designer Xinhong is a whiz at communications and integration. He is also a Japan enthusiast and spends two months every year there boning up on regional magazines and local information.

Fabian Bertschinger

Member of the Executive Board – Creative Director, Zurich

His time in Amsterdam taught Fabian that he can pass for a typical Dutchman who knows the town like the back of his hand while developing unique worlds of experience for UHNWI clients or skate decks for fashion brands.

Peggy Chen

Advisory Board, Shanghai

Peggy is an experienced brand advisor who speaks Chinese, English and Japanese. She has worked with clients from across the world and served large and small-sized companies in China.

Bärbel Fritz

Partner – Group Creative Director, Zurich

Bärbel has been in the business for nigh on 30 years – and what’s still her favourite thing? Working with an excellent team to develop exciting, well thought-out brands for discerning clients. Think, feel, create.

Charles Ingrey-Senn

Creative Director, Shanghai

Martin Kessler

Group Managing Partner, Zurich

First client? Citroën. First love? Three different damsels when he was 11. His political patch is Zumikon. His power supply, sport. His family is everything to him. And brands have always been his passion.

Morpheus Ma

Product Designer, Shanghai

Mara Kessler

Consultant, Zurich

Lukas Rosenmund

Motion Designer, Zurich

A technological jack-of-all-trades. Studied metal typesetting at the GDK Zurich and was tempted into video by Chris Cunningham and Michel Gondry. After 5 years of running his own production outfit, has now brought his talent to Process.

Luise Schatt

Senior Account Manager, Zurich

When Luise has her headphones on, it means she’s planning a budget or dreaming up a campaign. At Process, she brings meticulous project planning skills to bear for discerning major clients like Edelweiss Air and Migros.

Sandra Scheffknecht

Lead Designer, Zurich

Sandra’s Swiss German sounds Austrian, but she’s also lived and worked in China, Australia and Denmark. Her passion is design and her MBA helps her understand her clients’ needs better than ever.

Séverine Telley

Senior Designer, Zurich

After a stay in London, Séverine’s creative head followed its nose to Zurich. Originally from Fribourg, she brings a dash of French humour to the team, and thanks to her yoga is generally relaxed to the max.

Lainey Xu

Marketing Specialist, Shanghai

Lainey uses a range of social media platforms to manage customer brand communications and marketing output. She is also responsible for organizing Process Shanghai’s PR activities.

Martin Fawer

Member of the Executive Board - Consulting Director, Zurich

Martin loves cheese above all things, and working with Gerber Cheese did nothing to dim this passion. Martin also loves brands, marketing and communication – and this is another love that remains undiminished so far!