When is the time right for rebranding?


Susana Lamas Docampo

Your brand is everything that connects people with you and your products. It’s the reason why someone will choose you over your competitors – or your competitors over you; getting a customer to choose in your favour means getting a lot of things right.

People are creatures of habit – they love and trust “their” brands. At the same time, we are living in a turbulent age, in a world in constant flux, and this leads us to a paradox – how can a brand stay relevant when everything is changing? How can it adapt and yet remain true to itself? Rebranding has to be properly thought through – so is the time right for you to rebrand?

The following questions may help you decide:

1. Can you describe your brand to a stranger in two sentences?

2. Would your colleagues describe it in the same way?

3. Are you aware of your brand values, and are these genuinely different from those of your competitors?

4. Is your brand relevant to your current and future customers?

5. Does your brand support your corporate strategy (keywords: repositioning, internationalisation, pioneering technological innovation,..)?

If you can answer all these questions with a “yes”, congratulations! If not, you should give some thought to rebranding. We would love to help you – you can find out more about our skills and approach here.